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90-MINUTE LIVE Workshops In Person or On Zoom
Erica Jones Woolley Coaching Workshop being offered 4 times! 
Thursday Evening, December 29, 2022 at 7pm - Zoom Workshop—SOLD OUT

Tuesday Late Afternoon, January 3, 2023 at 4:30pm - Zoom Workshop

Saturday Early Afternoon, January 7, 2023 at 1:30 in person at Gallery 40 

Wednesday Evening, January 11, 2023 at 7 pm in person at The New Deal Creative Arts Center

What is a word of the year? 

A word for the year is a single word or sometimes two or three that represents what you need or want more of in your life.  Your word acts as a compass towards what you want to focus on in the year ahead. 

Your word of the year can help you stay connected with either professional or personal goals and yes- definitely both if that is your path. Your powerful and magical intention creates the guiding beacon to your choices, steps, and direction throughout the year! 

This workshop has been crafted from my own amazing personal experiences working with one new word every year, for the past 12 years.  Some of my favorites have been JOY, KINDNESS, SUCCESS, AMBITION, FOCUS, CONSISTENCY, CELEBRATE, COMPLETE, FLY, EXPAND, and my word for 2022 was BOLD. 

Who is this word of year workshop for?

Cultivate the Magic of Intention: Choose You Word of the Year Wordshop is specifically designed for goal-driven women, and women who want to align or re-align with their confidence and happiness. It is a powerful workshop of inner discovery that teaches you how to unlock the magic of focused intention.

During our live on zoom or in person 90-minute workshop (depending on which one you choose), we'll dive deep into reflecting on the past year to reconnect with all the amazing things that felt radiant and joyful as well as all the not-so-amazing things that felt disruptive and challenging. 

And then, we'll dive even deeper into the MAGIC of all that is possible in cultivating your intentions for 2023 using one word as your guiding NORTHSTAR. 

How does it work?

During the live Zoom or in person workshops, I'll guide you through your own individual journey of uncovering your personal word.  We'll use intention setting short meditations, gentle stretching sequences, journal prompts, and live group coaching. And then as a group we will chat about the different ways your words can become your guiding vision and life compass to navigate you through your choices, boundaries, steppingstones, and learning curves!

What's included? 

Everything you need to be successful in the Cultivate the Magic of Intention: Choose Your Word of the Year Wordshop!

Well, almost everything - YOU will need to bring you and you will need to be ready to be committed and open to exploration of all that is possible to manifest in your life!

A Colorful Guide Full of Journal Prompts and lots more .....

I believe you are bursting with brilliant ideas and are ready to manifest all your dreams! In order to help set the mood, you will receive a colorful, thought-provoking guide full of journal prompts, meditations, affirmations, gentle stretch recommendations, and a large - but not comprehensive - list of word suggestions. 

Gentle Stretching Sequences to Open our Breath, Mind, and Body Connections. 

Yes, even on ZOOM - not to worry though, nothing too strenuous or sweat-inducing!  The sequences will be included in the PDF guide of prompts so you can stay connected to your intentions throughout the year. 

Group Coaching and Group Support 

Live Group Coaching with me and support from others in the group during our 90-minutes together. We'll share, reflect, and inspire each other. 
Sign up after December 15, 2022
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