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Earth Energies with E

My name is Erica  and I am the owner of a small handmade jewelry business  called Earth Energies with E ~Healing Love from the Earth Reiki Charged Rock and Crystal Jewelry.   

How the Name Came to Be

My college crew coach called me "E" because Erica was too much to shout out on the river.  After a while, I became "E" to many of my friends and family!  When I spell "E" out on social media, I usually use 3 "e's" or ”~eee~ “. . . Earth Energies with E seems meant to be!

I am also a Virgo which is an earth sign which also adds to the serendipity of Earth Energies with E. 


My first introduction to loving stone energy, earth energy was with my first born.  He had a piece of obsidian he really wanted from a museum shop. Curious about obsidian, I looked it up and learned that it is a protective stone and is excellent for removing negativity.  I loved that my little guy was drawn to an anti-negative energy. 


And so began my journey to understanding, loving, and sharing the energies of the earth.

Along with my love of earth energy, I began to search and learn more about healing energies.  I resonated strongly with the principles and vibrations of Reiki and began charging my stones and jewelry with Reiki.


I have been playing at jewelry (stringing bracelets, necklaces, and earrings) for about 15 years and recently been compelled to share on a larger scale with ideas for new and interesting designs allowing me to step out of my comfort zone!


My signature pieces are sets of three stretch bracelets made with crystals and semi precious stones.  I call the set of three bracelets “energy triplets.”  The energies of the crystals and stones enhance, amplify, or compliment each other within the energy triplet designed to benefit the wearer.  I also offer earrings and  some necklaces made of crystals and semi precious stones.  All of jewelry is designed in a reiki charged, sage smudged design space and created with the intentions of the stones.  


While at shows, I love to get to know more about the people interested in my work and share information  about the healing energies in the Earth and the properties of the stones.  Together, we often discover the energetic connection to the piece or pieces they choose to take home with them.  Each piece of jewelry I sell includes what I call “the legend” of the stones so the wearer can set intentions.

Soon, I will be making it possible to shop and purchase my jewelry from this website  - for now, my beautiful and healing energy loving friends, please check out my Etsy shop and/or learn more about what I am creating on my Facebook and Instagram pages! 

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